Would This Be Considered Being a Bad Mother?

As you know we have 2 kittens, Piper & the one who still doesn't have a proper name.

I call her Ugg because she is so very ugly.

Both kittens love to play with plastic groceries bags. Which they shouldn't.

We have been warned since the invention of plastic grocery bags to not let our children play with them for fear of suffocation.

I ignore that warning.

No, I never let the girls play with them when they were little. Well, only when they played pretend grocery store.

After all what, fun is playing pretend grocery store without real plastic grocery store bags?

I let the kittens play with them. And aren't kittens a bit like little kids?

I just can't resist. They are so cute pouncing on the bags. Chewing them like they just made the kill of a century.

And then doing things like this ~

Ugg pounced & played for a bit then crawled into the bag & pulled it around her. Like she was in a sleeping bag!

I did supervise her, though.

I watched from the couch & took pictures!

She stayed like this for about 20 minutes, occasionally attacking the bag.

Then she needed a nap.

Because kittens often need naps.

So she made herself a little bed and slept for a couple of hours....


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