Impatient Giraffes

Today I had to take S to get her annual sports physical. The school has a few days during the year they hold physicals & I was going to take her to that. But the next one was not until the 29th.

And we just found out last week she needs a physical before they go to cheer camp.

This Sunday.

For 4 days.

So I was scrambling around to find a place that I could take her to that didn't require insurance and would take her, like, yesterday.

Most of the Urgent Care Centers will do the physical, but they charge $45.


$45 to tell me my kid is fine, has no heart problems, what she weighs & how tall she is???

Okay, they check a few more things than that. But just a few.

Anyway, when we stopped in the Athletics Office to get the paperwork we needed they had a list of offices that where you can get a physical.

I called one that is just down the road form us, but they charged $40 & couldn't get her in on time. There was another office by the hospital & they charged only $25. That's a little better. So I called them & {thankfully} got an appointment for today at 1:15.

Now, everyone knows, you almost never get to see the doctor on time and usually have to wait 10-15 minutes.

After waiting 15 minutes S was getting antsy.

She is so much like her father in that she has no patience what so ever. On top of that, she was going to be late for practice.

In the 3 years of cheer, she has never been late.

First time for everything!

We ended up waiting 1 HOUR!!

That's right. ONE HOUR just to get in the room and have the tech, or whatever they're called, check her height, weight & blood pressure. Then wait some more for the doctor.

She was so bored in the exam room while waiting she was reading the toddler books.

That were in both English & Spanish!

Now here is where it gets funny.

The tech, or whatever they're called, came in the exam room & asked S a few questions. Except she was from Nigeria or where ever, & had a very thick accent so S had no clue what she was asking!

She had to keep saying "What??" {The tech, or whatever she is called, asked her if she was allergic to any medications or on any meds.}

After the tech, or whatever she was called, left we had this conversation:

S: I couldn't understand a single thing she said.

M: I could tell when you kept saying  "WHAT??"

S: Yeah.   "Do you want a giraffe?"

M: What??

S: That's what she could've asked me for all I knew!

Because giraffes have so much to do with a sports physical!!!

Then she sat bored & waiting for the real doctor to show up & sign the damn forms all ready.

Taken with my camera phone, so quality is not that great.


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