The Result

This is what D wanted her cake to look like.

Well, mostly.

She wanted the lettering in neon pink, but thought it wouldn't show very well. So she decided on blue. But I told her, she should do yellow. It's a good contrast color and will show up the best.

It didn't occur to me until I began piping the letters, and was to the first 'p' of Happy, that the colors are McDonald's colors!!

This is what the cake looks like with the candles all lit and you forget your camera is on a slow shutter speed.

Kinda cool. But you can't see D behind there ready to blow them all out....

Aaahhhh! Much better.

Here is the best part. D, a child after my own heart, didn't want just a plain ol' white cake. No, Siree!

She wanted a purple one!!

She also got a few cool gifts ~

From Mom & Dad.

And from Grandma...

Mom brought this over this morning and D played it pretty much all day.

That is, until Sean came home late in the afternoon & we gave her the phone.

It has a camera on it. She took pictures of just about everything.

Then deleted most of them!!

Right now she is with Aunt Shannon at the movies. I think they went to watch Ice Age.

R went along too.

She had a gift card from school.

Because she's a braineack.

{And I'm not. So I'm not sure that's spelled right. And spell check doesn't recognize it.}


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