Pre-Fourth BBQ

Yesterday the girls & I went to Mom's for a BBQ with her & my 2 sisters.

Although it was hot & humid, we had a blast! The day started out sunny with a few clouds, but you could feel the moisture in the air.

We BBQed some burgers, dogs, corn on the cob and R & S made tossed salads. We had the corn, and those who wanted them, the dogs & burgers. Then came the best part ~ cheese cake & ice cream!!

After we stuffed ourselves, Jan wanted some help with a project for her beading. So she & I raided Mom's supply of wood and set to work in the back yard building a portable lap table.

I won't go into how we had some difficulties with the mitered corners for a frame & had to do that twice!! Let's just say, HGTV is safe from us ever being on a show!!!

While we were slaving away trying to get the perfect 45 degree angle, Jane and the girls were conspiring.

To throw water balloons at us!!

It actually felt good after working in the heat for about an hour!! But those suckers hurt.

A lot. Especially when you get hit square in the back.


Oh!! And Jane, Jan & I pulled the funniest/meanest prank on Mom!!!

As Jan & I were setting up one of her power tools to use, we had to have Mom come out to show us how to unlock it. But, being Mom, she couldn't just show us then leave. Nooooo. She had to stay to watch us.

Because we might not do it right. Which, in Mom speak means we might not do it her way.

Jan told her to leave, we know what we're doing and stop trying to tell us how to do it.

Just before she left to go into the house Mom says; "You kids better not cut anything off."

Because, you see, Jan is 38; I'm 41 and we grew up around and using all types of power tools. But we still might slice off a hand or something.

Sometimes that woman is crazy.

And here is where the funny/mean prank comes in. I told Jan, she has to pretend to cut her finger, we'll get Mom to run out, then punk her.

But we had to work out a few details.

Set scene:

It had to be Jan who gets cut. Because if I did, I'd pass out. And I couldn't be the one to run & get Mom. I was laughing so hard, she'd never believe me. Because if Jan did cut her finger and I had to run & get Mom, I'd be a white as a sheet. Then I'd pass out.

Jane comes in to lend a hand. She had to be the one who runs to get Mom while Jan is screaming & I'm setting off to the side with my head between my legs. Jane said she couldn't do it because she was laughing so hard, too. {We haven't pulled off the prank yet and we're in stitches and tears!!} Jan & I reminded her that's normal. For her. Whenever any of us get cut, Jane laughs. She's the runner.

And to sweeten the punk, we had the girls hide so when Mom came out, they'd bomb her with water balloons.


Jan makes the last cut of the trim we were working on. {Had to make it sound authentic.} Then screams & yells some curses. I move away, go sit down with my head between my legs, making it look like I'm trying to not faint, when I'm actually hiding the fact I'm laughing hysterically. Jane runs into the house & yells something like; "Ma! Get over here! I think Janice cut her finger!!"

Mom high-tailed it out to the back yard, and as she's running out she says a classic;

"Those damn kids!!"


After Mom got a little wet, her heart restarted and we all had a good laugh {at Mom's expense, of course!} Jane, Jan, me, R & S sat around and played Balderdash.

Jan found this game at a thrift store. It's missing a few parts, but she has the important ones; the cards.

If you've never played Balderdash, it's a game where a player pulls a card, rolls the dice and picks the word corresponding with the number rolled. She then says the word aloud, spells it, and everyone writes what they think the definition of the word is. The reader writes 2 definitions, the real one & one she makes up. After all definitions are written, the reader reads them all, including the correct one, and the other players try to guess which one is the correct definition.

This game is a blast when you play with a 12 & 15 year old.

Sometimes the definitions are really, really funny. Sometimes really, really bad or stupid. And sometimes really, really good.

Whenever we play Balderdash, we always end up laughing so hard our eyes water and we can't breath. Sometimes it's over nothing!!

Yup. Yesterday was a good day.....


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