Welcome to the Show, My Friends. Come Inside, Come Inside...

Last night, as many did, we went to see the fireworks. I always let Sean decide where we'll go, since he knows the better places to get the best view.

Without paying for parking or an admission fee.

This year, as in past years, we hiked to the spot. And when I say hiked, that's exactly what I mean. Hiked.

He parked in a business park lot; we then trekked down the road, across an intersection, down {or maybe it was up, I'm not entirely sure!} another road,up a hill, down the hill, up a rocky mountain, down the rocky mountain, over a path, then up another hill to the best spot. We hiked for about half an hour to get the perfect spot. All by the lights of the city & the 3/4 full moon.

Thank goodness it had cooled down by then. About 8:30 PM. We settled on the rocky terrain and waited only about 3 minutes for the show to begin.

I sat & shot picture after picture {200 to be exact} while simultaneously watching the fireworks. Not an easy feat. My tush got sore sitting for so long and an ant bit me just below my left butt cheek! I ended up deleting a few and narrowing it down to 136 good shots. They would've been much better if I had a tripod, but hey, you make do.

Most of the fireworks look like sea creatures, dandelions or squiggles!! There are some interesting shots, that's for sure.

I think the show lasted about an hour, and was a pretty good one. When it was all over, we hiked back to the car, {this time by a slightly shorter route}, Sean bypassed all the congested traffic, and we got home tired and slightly dusty in time to fall exhausted into our beds.

Yup. It was a good 4th.


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