Oh, Yeah. About the AC.....

We got the AC fixed the other day.

Well, kinda.

It turns out it wasn't the AC unit that was not working. It was the area it's installed in.

Let me explain.

The unit is housed up in the ceiling of the hallway. It turns out it was never properly enclosed & insulated. Just above the unit was the roof. Where all the AZ summer heat collects. Then was passed through our apartment.

Why no one ever noticed this before, is beyond me.

I've had maintenance up here to look at it every summer since we moved here. {This is our 3rd summer here} And it had to be hot before that, so you'd think previous tenants would've complained.

Oh, well. Whatever. We're good now.

The maintenance man spent a couple hours insulating & enclosing the unit & our apartment is now comfortably cool.

So cool in fact, I had to pull out my quilt last night.

And use it!

R woke up this morning wearing a hoodie & socks!

Now, I say, that's cool!!


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