Photo Shoot

I set up to do a photo shoot with S today so I can get more clone pictures of her.

That went well.


She's such a brat. D co-operated better than she did.

But I did manage to get a few good shots.

She just had to get Piper in a shot...

The apple on the head was cool. The rest of it.


She wanted another prop, so she got a tire Sean had on the back patio.

But it was dirty {naturally} & she didn't want to touch it. Makes it hard to get a variety of shots when the model won't get near the prop.

So the shoot ended.

For Savvy.

The kittens had fun messing around on my high tech back drop. {Sheets!! If you couldn't tell!}

S left the tire, and being curious cats, they had to investigate.

They were both in it, but by the time I got the camera focused, Piper jumped out.

S took care of the tire & a pine cone fell out. A source of fun for Ugg for a bit.

Then she posed for me...

She is just so ugly!! Sometimes she looks at you with really wide eyes & looks like a bush baby!

Piper did not want to be left out, so she got in the action...

She's so pretty....


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