Help Me Jeeves! The Children; they Are Multiplying!!!

We had a fun photo shoot yesterday & D was an active participant!!

I saw these really cool 'cloned' photos on Flickr & just had to try it.

Naturally, I do not want to clone myself, so I wrangled the girls to be my experiments.

I set up a make-shift studio, then I grabbed D first {she was the 1st one up, showered & dressed}. As usual she complained & was not cooperative.

Here is the very first pic I did ~

For some reason my craptastic camera was making the pics all grainy and the color was off. {Although it could have been the photographer. But I prefer to think it was the camera! I did drop it a couple of times at the pool!}

So I did some PhotoShop work on this. Kinda looks grunge. Or is in Emo these days??

I can't keep up....

See how she is lying on the floor like she's in horrible pain? Or being tortured? That's just her tremendous ability in acting when her mother asks her to pose for pictures.

Once she saw what I was doing with the photos, she fixed her hair & wanted to take more pictures!!

Now I know how to get her to pose!! LOL

As I was taking her pictures, then editing them, R & S had a look.

Guess who then wanted in on the act???

That's right. The older two.

Earlier S said I couldn't take her picture unless her hair was done & she had some makeup on. And she wasn't going to do all that unless she was going somewhere.

I guess that didn't matter anymore...

One of Dare's better shots ~

And R ~

I love how R's came out. I let the girls lead in the poses, just gave them some general direction to be sure their pose was in frame. They did a pretty good job.

Well, the younger two did. S's poses were half-assed.

She owes me a real shoot in the next couple of days!!


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