Sculpting & Baking

Yesterday S was spending the night at a friend's & D was hanging out with Aunt Shannon.

So it was just R & I again.

We took a short walk around the block in the morning. We were looking for anything interesting in the neighborhood.

We didn't find anything.

Our immediate neighborhood is very boring.

So we went back home. Plus it was getting hot.

I read & she played on the computer.

Then we were bored.

I remembered from when I cleaned out the art box a few weeks back, that I had some leftover Sculpey clay. So I pulled that out & we began sculpting.

I wanted to make a cheeseburger & hot dog, which was not all that easy without brown clay.

Oh, you can make brown clay. That's easy. Tan or beige though, is a bit more difficult.

R helped me by making the cheese, lettuce & tomato for the burger & the mustard & catchup for the hot dog.

She chose the easy items to make!!

I baked them just a bit too long, so the bottoms are dark brown.

Kinda like how I bake refrigerated biscuits!!

Then R wanted to make a cupcake. Which meant I made the cupcake, 'paper' wrapper and cherry.

And she made the 'frosting' & sprinkles. She didn't want to strain herself!!

Then I took the leftover pieces and made a 'shroom.

S saw it as soon as she got home, she asked if she could have it. I said sure & you'd think I gave her diamonds.

Or a hundred dollars......


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