The Eyes Have It

Today was an odd day.

It was cloudy, windy & hot.

This afternoon there were even some dark clouds that looked like they threatened rain.

Naturally rain never came.

I took D to Target to use the last of her gift card from Grammy. She bought a Barbie & outfit for her.

Then we headed back home.

And did a whole lot of nothing.

Having the pool closed really sucks.

So to amuse myself and to play more with my camera, I had the girls pose so I can take close-ups of their eyes.

As usual D did not co-operate.

I took R's pic first.

Her eyes aren't really this dark. The original pic was a little dark in the exposure, but I liked it when I edited with the black & white, so left it.

Then it was Sa's turn. I had her do up her eye so I'd have one "natural" eye & one funky eye.

S's eyes are hazel & change from green to blue depending on her mood or colors she's wearing. Today they were looking bluer than usual.

After 'eye' photos & when Sean got home we all {except D} played a couple games of Yahtzee. R whipped our butts the first round {she got double Yahtzee!}, and Sean won the second.

I'm proud to say I came in 3rd both rounds!!

Before the day ended, I wanted to get a couple pics of the clouds.

Since they're so rare in these here parts.

These were taken just before the sun set.


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