Just the Two of Us

This morning R & I went to Target. She got a gift card from Grammy & wanted to buy some shorts.

That took all of 30 minutes.

We then spent about another hour looking around, just browsing.

It was nice just the two of us. Checking out what we both love ~ cameras!!

And we had no one else bugging us to look at what they're interested in.

Or whinning because they're bored, tired, hungry, their feet hurt, blah, blah, blah....

They never out grow that, do they?

This is the camera she wants ~
Until I can afford it, she's just going to have to borrow mine.

I couldn't decide between 2 that I'd like to have ~
But until I can afford them, I'll just have to use my good ol' Fujifilm.

And continue to practice getting close ups like this ~

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  1. It's good to browse. It get your thinking started up.