What IS That Smell????

This morning I was up by 6 {I slept in 'cause, well, I have no job & can!} and by 6:30 was deep into cleaning the refrigerator & freezer.

I give it a wipe every other day or so, but I kept smelling this horrible smell every time I opened the door.

And the girls have a very serious problem with spilling juice all over. They've even managed to get it on the front of the door!!

They said I was crazy & I'm always smelling weird things.

Which is true. I do smell things no one else ever seems to smell.

But I was determined to find the source of the rancid, rotten smell emitting from our refrigerator.

All I found was one small shriveled up grape under the crisper. Certainly not the culprit of the smell.

Maybe I was crazy & smelling things that weren't there!!

Regardless, I now have a sparkling clean fridge.

For the time being.

After getting rid of all the old/expired food, it was rather clear we needed to go to the grocery store!!

The only thing we didn't need was yogurt. Sean bought 20 of them yesterday!!!

But we sure could use some milk & eggs.....

1 comment:

  1. The smell may come from UNDER the fridg
    if they spill on the door, then it can go under the fridg and create heaven only knows what!!!