That's what I've said way too many times today.

I had planned on taking the girls to the pool. They need to get out & release all their pent up energies.

It turned out they had no clean beach towels and there was no money on the laundry card.


So, I figured I'd set up a makeshift photo studio in the dining room & take pictures.

I had to force S to be my model for one idea I had. I told her she was my model & had to do whatever I asked her to do whether she liked it or not. {Turns out she kinda liked it. See end result here.} The other two were being way too whiny to even try to do a photo shoot with.


So I turned to the cats. Although not always cooperative, it's usually easier to coax them into posing.

The batteries in my camera died.


I reluctantly cleaned up my make-shift photo studio & had the girls do the dishes before Savvy left for practice.

They started the dishwasher.

It didn't drain & leaked all over the kitchen.

And into the downstairs neighbors apartment.

Double crap!!

Now I have to scoop out all the water & hand wash a dishwasher full of dirty dishes.


But, hey! I get a new dishwasher!!!

Maintenance said I should have it by Friday!!

Now, I shall attempt dinner.

A pork roast.

I haven't cooked meat in, like, forever.

I had to Google recipes just to figure out what temp to set the oven to & for how long to cook it!!

I'm hoping it won't taste like

you got it



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