Classic Movie & Other Things

Yesterday was movie day at Casa de Insanity.

Which means, whatever movies are on basic cable we like/haven't seen, we watched.

One of those movies was The Pursuit of Happyness. I love that movie. Not only because it stars Will Smith {He is sooo hot!!} but also it's a great story.

Then Sean came home & said we all need to watch Lonesome Dove.

It was the 20th Anniversary of the mini series, so AMC was playing it!! It makes me feel so old when they have 20th Anniversaries of movies/mini series.

I've never seen it, {although I somehow new who all the main actors were!!} so Sean, the 2 younger ghouls & I sat down to watched it. {S was at a friend's}

It's slow & kinda boring, but I have to watch parts 3 & 4 tonight because I need to know what's going to happen next and how it's gonna end!!!

So, tonight I will struggle to stay up another night until midnight just so I can finally say

"I've seen Lonesome Dove."


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