A Trip

Because the pool is closed, we decided to go here this morning ~

We walked there.

It's literally across the street from the apartment.

Along the paths around the library, they have walls with bits of stuff cemented in them.

We've look at these hundreds of times, and still enjoy them every time we go to the library.

They even have them along the pathways themselves.

I love little pieces of art like this sprinkled around.

Inside the library, they usually have art displayed created by local artists.

They're renovating the area the pieces usually hang, so there is nothing to appreciate right now. :(

We didn't stay very long. Less than an hour. R couldn't find the books she wanted, they've all been checked out.

D found 2 she would like to read.

So tomorrow, she is required to sit with me & read for at least an hour.

She said she was OK with that, which is a big deal coming from her since she really hates to read.

She is definitely not her mother's daughter!!


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