Another Morning at the Pool

We stayed in yesterday. There was no way I was going out in the heat or sun with my shoulders hurting as much as they do.

And naturally, when kids stay in the house all day, they begin to drive me & each other crazy.

So, this morning we went back to the pool.

I stayed in the shade & covered up.

I only left the shade & uncovered long enough to take a couple quick dips in the pool & cool off.

It felt great on my sunburn.

I did take a few pictures.

I'm loving the 'sport' setting I just discovered.

Today, D was a willing model.

I was inspired by a shampoo commercial for these shots & she pulled it off so well.

I didn't do too bad myself!!!

I think the motion of her hair & the water is awesome.

If I don't say so myself, I did a pretty darn good job of capturing it.

I tried to get R to do it, but she was having trouble executing the "hair wave".

She said it is because her hair is so much longer than D's.

I don't know. Sounded like a lame excuse to me.

More pics here.

That's going to be it for awhile on the pool pics.

Apparently some dumb asses decided to party at the pool & not follow complex rules.

So now the pool is closed indefinitely.

Tomorrow we must find an alternative activity.

I have a few ideas....


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