The Pool is Open

So yesterday morning we went.

It was dirty from all the wind we had the day before, and the girls weren't so into swimming.

R found a leaf in the pool she liked.

She made friends with him & they played for awhile.

Then Leif was getting tired & wanted to get out. So she let him sit on the towel to dry off & warm in the sun.

While Leif hung out with me on the lounge chair, {where he so kindly posed for pictures}, R & D hung out in the shallow end, {where there was less dirt & junk}, and splashed in the water.

I took a picture of the palm tree hanging over my lounge chair. Leif said he liked the jet in the upper corner!

The ghouls splashed some more.

I took another palm tree picture. Leif likes the sun in this one.

And the ghouls splashed some more, rode on each others backs while I took more palm tree & sky pictures.

Then we left.

On the way out, R took this ~


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