Splish, Splash We're Having a Blast - Pt 2

As the younger ghouls & I were getting ready to go to the pool the other day, I was looking for some sunblock.

We had a bottle from last summer, which it turned out S had used up.

Naturally she neglected to tell me we needed more.

R told me she had bought some of her own. So while she slept, R snuck in the room to snag it.

Normally I use a sunblock of 30 SPF or higher. My pasty white skin can't handle anything lower than that. Turns out the sunblock S had was only 15. Fine for the ghouls. They have the skin type of their dad. They typically don't burn they get golden brown.

Not me.

But we had nothing else. I figured something is better than nothing & I won't be in the sun that long. You see, usually when I want pool pictures, the ghouls will cooperate for a bit then they want to swim. Then I go lay in the shade & try to get shots from the lounge chair.

But they were having so much fun jumping in the pool.

And over my head.

I lost all sense of time shooting tons of pictures. Both good & horrendous. I didn't realize until 20 minutes before we went in, I was in the pool, in the sun with only SPF 15 for 2 hours!!!

The results are not pretty.

Please ignore the fact that this Lycra tank, although equipped with a built in bra, does not do my sagging boobs any justice! Also not pretty!! Wearing a bra was much too painful.

The only place I could set up the camera that was at the right height to take a self portrait was in the bathroom. And the lighting in the bathroom sucks. Big time. But you can still see my bathing suit marks.

Uggggg!! Saggy boobs & lumpy cellulite arms. Man, I really need to work out.

But it's so much work.

And I need a hair cut. It's beginning to look a little raggedy.

Man, I hate self portraits.

Especially when I need a haircut & a personal trainer!!

So today we did nothing again, while I sat on the couch reading with cold cans of tea on my shoulders.

Ahhhhh!!! Sunburn.

It is now officially summer....


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