Splish, Splash We're Having a Blast - Pt 1

The younger two have been bugging me to take them to the pool. But I don't like to go later in the day.

Like when the working parents are home from work & kids are outta daycare. I hate going to the pool when there are a bunch of bratty screaming kids there.

And I don't like going in the middle of the day.

It's too hot.

I know that sounds weird. But here in good ol' sunny AZ, the middle of the day is murder.

When it's a-hundred-and-Lord-knows-what degrees, the pool tends to be a little to warm for my liking.

You don't want to sit out for any length of time either.

Actually, you can sit out for about 5 minutes before you're boiling & need to jump back in.

Into the pool that feels like a tepid cup of tea & that will cool you off when you first jump in.

After that you just feel wet.

And warm.

So I told the girls we'd go to the pool, but they had to get up early.

R & D got up at 10.

Which was fine. The pool was empty.

S, the lazy punk, was still in bed.

We had 2 hours of fun and the whole pool to ourselves.

I took a few pics.

Rather than post them all here, I put them up on my Flickr page so you can see them all.

Click here to view.

Then it was getting too hot & the Ghouls were getting hungry.

So we headed back to the house for lunch.

We had brownie sundaes.

Then grilled cheese sandwiches.

S, the lazy punk, was still in bed.


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