Yesterday Mom had a BBQ at her house. So Jan swung by & picked the girls & I up & we headed out to Mom's.

On the way, the sky was full of puffy gray wet clouds. The sun was shining through & it was sprinkling.

Weird weather like that often happens in Arizona.

I like to call it a sunny rain day.

Anyway, I wanted to take a picture of the clouds with both the rain & sun peeking through.

I've never taken a picture out the front window of a car going 65 MPH down the freeway.

I wasn't too sure how they would look.

And Jan's windshield isn't the cleanest.

Not bad...

For this one I stuck my head out the window!

By the time we got to Mom's the sky had pretty much cleared, the sun was out & there was a nice cool breeze.

Mom had a 3-seater swing that was still in the box.

She thinks she bought it about a year ago and wanted to put it together, so we helped.

It only took 3 adults, 2 kids, one pinched finger, & about 2 hours to put together.

Guess who got their finger pinched??

Yours truly.

I took this pic this morning. It doesn't look so bad. But let me tell you, That. Sucker. HURT!!

Jan laughed at me when it happened.

When I get hurt {I have a very low pain threshold} I can not talk or form any kind of sensible sentence. So when my finger got pinched & I needed Mom to let go of the swing, all that came out was a weird scream.

To the amusement of my Punk Ass sister.

As soon as it was done, the kids hopped on.

Crappy picture, I know. Not sure what happened & why the girls are so outta focus...

When we finished that we sat around eating munchies & I shot a few more candid shots of the girls.

Later on, a family friend stopped by & cooked some BBQ for us. Chicken, ribs, burgers, & hot dogs. I only ate the chicken & a rib & they were pretty yummy. That and the corn on the cob.

I love corn on the cob....

All in all it turned out to be a pretty nice family get together.

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  1. correction - 3 kids and 3 adults. All the kids helped.
    and it was funny when you pinched your finger, you sounded like one of those screetching monkeys in Africa.
    & you forgot to tell about Savannah driving my car!!! Standard!! She did GREAT!!!!