Pool Pics

I just discovered my camera has an additional 14 settings!! For sport, sunsets, snow {I'll be using that one a lot!! LOL!!!}, landscape, fireworks, plus 9 more!

There is even a setting for underwater with a waterproof case. That could be fun!

So, I took the girls to the pool about 7:30 the other night. The natural light is perfect for pictures & there usually is no one there at that hour during the week.

I got some cool shots of R.

Naturally it was a battle to get any of D.

S was being just as uncooperative.

Because she had a couple friends over.

God forbid her mother take pictures when her friends are around.

I got this cool shot of R. What makes it look so neat are her freakishly long legs!!

I love how at the angle I took it her head is so big {it could be the hair, too!} & her legs are all blurry from the water.

I told her there is one advantage to having freakishly long legs, she takes interesting pictures!!

I tried the same thing with D. It just doesn't quite work with short stubby legs! LOL

So we did some basic, boring pool poses. I think I get pictures of them like this every year!!

I adjusted just the background to black & white & told them they were in Pleasantville!!

I got one more good shot of R before they wanted to swim & it got too dark to take any more.

We went back last night so I could get more pics of D & try something new.

We went a little earlier to get catch the light before it got too dark.

Some kids decided to fill the jacuzzi with shampoo, so the Manager closed the pool.

This was the only picture I got before he kicked everyone out....

With the palm trees behind her, it looks like we went on vacation.

To Hawaii.

I guess AZ is close to it.

It's hot & we have lots of palm trees!!

We're just missing the ocean.....


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