Back in the Saddle Again

At least part time. For now.

Levi & I worked the home show all weekend. **Whew**

Naturally, Saturday was the best day. Tons of traffic. Overall it wasn't too bad. Plus I got paid for it!! We had a small booth with just a few pieces that gave the passer-by an idea of what we offer. I also got to work with Greg, who is a rep for both Allied gate & Con-Wear!! I think they're trying to get him mostly into Allied to work on Contractor/Builder accounts.

Anyway, he's a nice guy, divorced with 2 kids & a girlfriend. Easy to talk to & joke around with. I also got to know the owner, Robert & GM Lupe better. Both very nice guys. And fun to joke around with. It's nice to work with a group of people who aren't so uptight. We did a lot of joking & goofing around our 3 days at the HS!!

I took some pics of our booth. The first isn't so great. The lightning in the building sucked & there was a glare from the windows behind the booth. But it gives you an idea of how it looked.

Levi designed & built this grand entry door. It's huge ~ 8' wide & nearly 12' high!!

The security doors are typical styles you see with almost every company that sells security doors.

I'm working on changing that!

We shall not conform to the norm!!!

A stair railing, gates & wine room door Levi also designed & built. So pretty much he designed & built all the home show display pieces. Except maybe the green gate in the bottom pic. I think Allied had that from before he started.

He also didn't make the wine rack.

He could.

But he didn't.

If you look really close in the top pic, you can see Levi in the background. He's was listening to some music & was doing some rock star moves.

'Cause he thinks he's a rock star.

He has a band.

So that makes him one.

At least in his own head!!

That's why I love him. I could say all that to him.

And he'd laugh & say "yeah, probably".


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