It. Is. So. Flippin' HOT!!!

Yesterday the high here was 101!!

The high in our apartment was 93!!!

We all sit around the fans {yes, that's plural} not wanting to move away from them because then that would set off profuse sweating.

Getting up to go to the bathroom is hell.

Hell, I tell you!!

We had the same problem last year & maintenance told us our AC is working fine. How can it be working fine when it gets over 90 degrees in here???

Once the office opens {they're supposed to be open at 10 AM, but apparently someone decided today would be a good day to not go in until noon} I'm heading down there to give them a piece of my mind.

Just a small piece.

I don't think I have a whole lot left to give them.

The heat has melted it away......

Help me. I'm melting......
{name that movie}

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