A Late Night

This weekend {Friday - Sunday}, I'm working the home show for Allied Gate with my buddy & former co-worker, Levi {yes, I get paid for it!!!}.

{We worked together at Distinctive Iron.}

Allied is a fairly new company {they've been in the business for about 4 years} and their backed by a pretty big mining company, Con-Wear. Anyway, Levi's been trying to get me in there full time {I've been doing freelance designing for them} and thought this would help push me further in the door. Plus, I get paid & they get some experienced help other than Levi. The one sales rep they have worked for the mining company, so is new to the custom iron business.

{Shannon, you may recognize some of those SD designs!! LOL}

So, they needed a catalog for the security doors with pricing & options. Levi forgot to get that done before the show. Typical guy. The GM asked me if I would put it together for today & tomorrow's show so we don't look like yahoos & know what we're talking about! {He didn't say the yahoo part} I was getting paid for it, so naturally I said yes. What I thought would be about a 3 hour job, turned into a 6 hour job!! I was up until 12:30 last night getting it finished up.

When you usually go to bed at 9:00, 12:30 is a late night!!

I'm typing all this while I wait for Levi to come pick me up.

I feel like I have a hangover.

And I didn't even have anything to drink last night!!

Except a glass of milk!!

This post is probably full of typos.

I getting to damn old for this....
{name that movie}


  1. Movie - Every "Lethal Weapon" movie. What's-his-face says it in every one of them, but he still pretends he's 20. At least in the movie, I'm sure in real life he's like 60, and prolly feels it.

  2. It's Danny Glover who plays Detective Roger Murtaugh