Shiny, Sparkling, Spotless Saturday

Today was our 'Spring' cleaning day. Mostly because the living room carpet was full of crumbs {with such a small space, they tend to travel from the kitchen} and itty, bitty paper scraps from S's scrapbooking.

My desk also needed a good scrubbing. I've been very good about keeping the clutter off it ~ there was just a small stack of papers to be filed, but man, oh, man those dust bunnies were huge!! Actually, they were no longer dust bunnies ~ they were dust monsters!!!

So, out came the vacuum & those blasted monsters got annihilated by the hose!!

Now my work space is so much nicer to, well, work at. Sadly, though, those dust bunnies will reproduce {again!} & be bugging me again in the next week or two.

The vicious cycle never ends.

I need a hermetically sealed work area.

In case you are curious, here are some pics of my work space. I didn't think of taking some before pictures.

You wouldn't want to see those anyway.

Those dust monsters were scary!

If you'll notice, living in a small space with 3 girls, requires the use of the large space under the desk to be used for storage. And yes, that is my laptop and the girls PC. I occasionally use both when I'm designing.

This is my "J" wall above the desk. Because, duh! My name starts with a J!! They used to be on my office wall at work. R & D gave me the one in the upper left frame. I think it might've been for a bookmark, but I like it framed. The rest I made with some leftover scrapbook papers I had.

I know, I know. The frames are crooked. I thought about straightening them. But then thought, Most people would straighten their pictures on the wall. I'm not going to. I'm leaving them crooked. They're supposed to be that way.

Like when I used to cut my own hair.

I meant for the left side to be shorter than the right.

Check this out. It is the best desktop picture ever.

I mean it.



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