Games People Play

Like many families, we like to play games. Sometimes they're computer games, sometimes they're board games. One game we occasionally play we like to call "What if We Won the Lottery".

This is fun, because as the ghouls get older, what they would spend money on or what they would do with it changes.

Just the other day we were playing "What If We Won the Lottery". All 3 ghouls would by new clothes. I told them I would give them only a certain amount, like maybe $1000, to buy all new clothes. S, being the oldest, & {sometimes} wiser, said she would go to Buffalo Exchange {a funky 2nd hand shop on Mill} that way she could get a lot more with her $1000. I'm beginning to think some things are sinking in!

She also said I probably wouldn't buy her a car.

"You'd still make me pay for my own car, wouldn't you?"
She wisely asked.

"You betcha!" I replied.

Somethings she has learned to accept.

Now, the other 2 weren't all to sure what they would do, other than buy new clothes.

One thing's for sure that they all agreed on ~

A new house would be on the top of our list.

"If We Won the Lottery"

Of course, it'd help to actually play the lottery!!


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