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Another windy day today. Not quite as windy as yesterday, but cold! Fifty degree mornings are not for me. Thank goodness they are few & far between.

My punk ass Ghouls are still being butt heads about me taking their picture. I've had a ton of hands in front of faces, backs of heads, shirts pulled over heads, you name it, on my camera. Anything except an adorable, lovable face.

Thank goodness for digital!! Delete. Delete. Delete....

So, to improve on my photography skills, I've been taking pics of stuff around the house.

Despite what Sean may think of them, I do have some pretty cool things. Most of them have a history to them. Handed down from generation to generation.

Take this for instance ~

It's steeping in history. If only it's bins could talk. Oh, the stories they could tell! It was in the house I grew up in for ever. I think it might've come from Mom's house when she was a kid. There's even an orange plastic scoop for the flour that's always been with it. And is only for the flour. Not to be used for anything else. Never was, never will be.

The lettering is mostly worn off, but the second bin is for tea. It isn't holding any at the moment. It has birthday candles in it!!

The coffee bin doesn't hold coffee either. I hate coffee. It holds my packets of catchup, soy sauce & hot sauce from fast food restaurants.

And the bins must always be in this order ~ coffee, tea, flour, sugar. Always has been, always will be. As long as it's in my house.

I even added my own bit of history to it. Box tape stuck on the sugar bin. In one of our many moves since Mass. we taped it shut. The tape stuck. And I never tried to remove it. Adds character.

Then there is this gem ~

Unfortunately this is not the original.

The original was from Mom. She got it for like a wedding gift. Or something. I love it. I love vintage do dads. Anyway, Sean & the ghouls have always known that they can't break it. I wasn't sure I'd ever find another to replace it. Then one day

Sean broke it!! I told him he had to rummage the antique shops & hope he finds another. Like that ever happened.

What did was a stroke of luck. Several months later, Mom & I were browsing antique shops for kicks. {Antique shops are almost as fun as thrift stores!} That was when & where we found the above gem. My spoon rest!! This one was slightly different, but I no longer remember what the difference was!! I had my "family heirloom" back! Sort of.

Then I have goodies like this ~

This is my best thrift store find yet. A set of vintage Mikasa china. It's not complete though. I have 8 of everything except the dessert/bread plates. That plus a creamer and 2 cereal bowls. One big, one small. All for only $20.00!!

Have I told you lately how much I love thrift stores??

The pattern is called Mediterrania. In what else but avocado green! It's very hard to find. When I first got them I wrote to Mikasa to ask about them. They told me they are no longer in their catalog {Duh!} but they could tell me they're from the 60's or 70's. {Again, Duh!} They told me to check

So I did. The only thing I found was the dinner plate.

It sold for $27.00.

That was for one plate!!

I'd say I got a great deal.

And my latest {from Mom. Thanks Mom} is just starting to make a history of her own.

Meet Cheese Louise ~

Isn't she cool?? I love funky kitchen gadgets.

Almost as much as I love thrift stores.

Next will be a pictorial of my salt & pepper shakers......


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