The beginning of April & it's already in the 90's. Today it was 91!! We're gearing up for a very hot summer.

But then, when is it not a very hot summer in Arizona???

Sean & I were watching the news last night & they were reporting on the weather here & on the east coast. In the 30's there!! So glad I moved. LOL I went through a whole winter & wore my jeans only a couple of times!!

Did I mention how much I love Arizona??

Have I mentioned how I soooo glad I moved from Massachusetts?

Not much else happening today. S is at school tonight helping with the set up for the Beginning & Intermediate dance concert. D is doing homework & R is in her room. Pouting. Because I {gasp!!} asked her to put a pot of water on the stove for spaghetti.

What a horrible mother I am right now.

She'll get over it.

Someday she will thank me for it.

When she has her own apartment.

And gets hungry.

And wants spaghetti for dinner....


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