Heat, Blue Skies & Attitudes

Yesterday was HOT. It got up to 97 degrees!!! Today is supposed to be hotter ~ 100! Aahhh, living in Arizona....

It wasn't just hot yesterday, it was beautiful. The sky was clear & magnificently blue. When I went to get the younger 2 from school, I was just in awe at how clear & blue the sky looked.

It gave me an idea.

For a photo.


I wanted to go to the little park next to D's school, but they flooded it, that idea was out. I was kinda bummed. I really wanted to get some pictures of the girls. {S has dance rehearsal all week, so she gets out of the photo shoots.}

We got home, piled out of the truck, & headed up to the house.

An idea struck me.

I had a clear shot of the incredible blue sky.

From the parking lot.

So, I plopped down in the middle of the parking lot, made the girls stand in a good spot. {So I could get mostly sky behind them.} And shot away.

The pictures came out so cool.

They look like they were taken against a backdrop.

A man made backdrop.

But it isn't. I can assure you. Those trees are really there. At the apartment complex. Where we live. These are straight out of the camera. My cheap point & shoot camera. No 'tweaking' required.

D wasn't as co-operative. No surprise there.

I didn't take too many. She was being a punk. Quite obvious from her posture in this picture. Can you feel the attitude oozing from your computer screen???

And my butt was burning.

On the hot pavement of the parking lot.

I got in one more shot though...

OK. Not really! I "stitched" the 2 photos together. Pretty cool, huh?

Oh the joys of photo editing programs....


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