I Walk to School

It occurred to me this morning, after taking D to school, that for the past 11 years, I have had at least one child in elementary school. The same elementary school they all went to. And out of those 11 years, I have walked the girls to & from for 8 of them. That's a lot of walking.

Although the route has changed only slightly over the years, we can usually find something along the way to talk about. Since day one, when S started kindergarten, we've walked. {Except for the 3 years I was working.} And it never fails ~ someone {or everyone} will complain about having to walk. But in the end, they forget about being mad and enjoy it.

It's sad to think this might be the last year I'll walk a kid to school.

Today, in hopes of maybe finding something a bit out of the ordinary, I took my camera along.

This is one of the sites in front of our apartment complex ~

It's a clock tower on the public library. I've always thought it look so cool. Very modern.

At the corner, by the sign for the library & Historical Museum are some desert plants. I like how tall the stalk is on this little guy...

In front of that wall behind the plant is a large grassy area. Every morning after the sprinklers go off, there are always birds hanging out there pecking around for some grub. {Get it ~ grub??? Birds eat grubs!! OK. I'm not the most humorous this morning.}

I'm still working on getting clearer shots with the zoom. {And my comedy routine!}

The best part of the walk is this tree lined area. Reminds me, just a little, of the roads around the town I grew up in.

Oh, and look. We did see something just a touch outta place ~

But then again, living in suburbia, finding a shopping cart anywhere other than the grocery store isn't all that odd....

The rest of the walk is pretty boring. Nobody has anything cool, interesting, unusual or otherwise photo worthy in their front yards.

Boring Suburbanites.

I, on the other hand, am not a boring Suburbanite...

At least I like to think so....

There was one house that had a bunch of pretty flowers growing along their side fence ~

Not sure what they are. Bougainvillea maybe?? Don't ask me. I love flowers, but unless it's a dandelion, pansy or daisy, I'm pretty much clueless.

So I sent D off to school with a hug & a kiss.

It's so nice she still loves a hug & kiss good by. Even if it's at the cost of {gasp!!} having a friend see.

Unlike Princess S.

Who wishes her mother would walk 10 paces behind her.

Which is precisely why I walk right next to her.

In public.

And slip my arm through hers.

Because it bugs the hell outta her....


  1. You need a job. I bet you crack yourself up all day long.
    And at least the cart isn't from Safeway!

  2. I have a job. I'm a domestic engineer!!! And yes, I do crack myself up all day long... :p