Dance, S, Dance

I have some videos of S's dance concert we went to last night. And since the may take a little while to load, I will give those who may not know, a little history of her illustrious dance career.

S has always loved to dance & twirl, so when she decided to take dance class when she got into high school it was no surprise. This is her second year in dance & between that, cheer & tumbling, she has become quite good.

I know. I know. I'm her mother. And all mother's think their kid is the best at whatever they do.

And the prettiest/handsomest kid on earth.

But she does dance really well.

I know, I'm no expert. But compared to the other kids in the dance class, I'd say that girls got rhythm!!

You can see how graceful she is. Have no clue where that comes from.

Hell. I fall up the stairs.

And trip over my own feet.


No joking.

Anyway. Sit back & enjoy Savvy dance her little heart out..

I video taped only the dances she was in. Not the best quality, but gives you an idea. This first dance was my favorite.

Each dance student choreographs a dance & this one was choreographed by her & a friend.

If you look real hard, S is the dancer in the front center. {I can always tell which one is her because she moves with a fluidity (is that a real word???) none of the other dancers seem to have.}

In this one she is 4th from the left

And finally, the last dance. You can clearly see her in the back wearing the zebra print dress after "undressing'. I don't think she was as into this dance as she was the others. She looks just a little bored.

It wasn't my favorite of the evening either....

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you enjoyed the concert...

{Larger video can be seen here. Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!!}

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  1. Novella WellingtonApril 26, 2009 at 9:30 AM

    Yes Savannah is very fluid. Good for her. I know how hard it is to work on routines. I was in some water shows so it is "like dancing"...same thing...practice till you are blue in the face and almost at the point of hating the music. It is funny that when a song from one of the water shows comes on I can almost remember all my moves...still. I wish her lots of luck and hope something good comes from her discipline. Please give her a hug from Grammy and a thumbs up for all the hard work.