Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes....

Growing up as a middle child, I felt the need to stand out in some way. So I dressed differently than most kids my age.

Especially as a teen.

And as a teen, I desperately wanted to color my hair. And have multiple ear piercings.

And my nose pierced.

{I still want my nose pierced!!}

But Dad would have none of that.

We weren't allowed to color our hair or wear makeup. And could only have one hole in each ear.

And I could just put that idea of a nose piercing outta my twisted little mind!!

The no makeup I was OK with. But the not coloring my hair & not being able to get at least one more hole in only one ear really bugged me.

Oh, how I had visions of pretty colors woven through my hair. And only one ear pierced.

Several times.

But Dad would have none of that.

So that's why, the minute I turned 16, and graduated high school, I bought a box of hair dye & got my right ear pierced again.

And my left ear pierced.

Four more times!

It was my rebellion against Dad's rules.

And my deep seeded need as a middle child to get noticed.

It was odd for anyone in our tiny two bit town to have multiple ear piercings.

In 1986.

Which leads me to my girls.

I have no problem with them wanting to color their hair. I've even tried to get them to put the red or pink I've put in my hair in theirs.

They would have none of that.

But they did want to color their hair. So I let them.

Unfortunately they don't want to do any bright colors. I had such high hopes for one of my girls to want their hair brightly colored like I did.


Last week, R wanted to go very blonde.

She bought the color & I applied it. It's not quite as light as she wanted so she'll have to do it again.

She wanted before & after pics, so here they are...

It's not easy to tell the color sense she insisted on wearing her hair up.

She took this picture. When the sun hits it just right it looks strawberry blonde!

I'm still working on one of them coloring their hair burgundy......


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