Idiot Bus Drivers

We have a fairly new public bus system in town called The Orbit. It's a free shuttle bus that will pick up/drop off riders in the neighborhood.

It's not such a bad thing. Many kids use it to get to & from school. College students use it to get to & from college. Employees use it to get to & from work.

Except the drivers seem to all be idiots.

I've seen a driver pull away from the stop while some poor sap is running up to the bus, hands waving shouting.

Several times.

I've had no less than 3 drivers pull right in front of me after loading/unloading passengers. The dumb ass just had to wait until I was 5 feet from the bus with no one behind me to pull out.


Then, to make me like the drivers even more, here's what one did the other day while I walked D to school ~

As I've done for several years now, whenever we get to an intersection {even though it is on a side street that is not very busy} I pause to make sure no vehicles are coming. And if they are, we stop to be sure they obey the law & come to a complete stop at the sign to let pedestrians cross.

Most drivers are courteous & obey the law.

Except, several years ago, there one weird school bus driver who stopped to tell me I shouldn't stand at the corner because I could get run over!!

Mind you, the kids & I were standing on the other side of the sidewalk furthest from the street. Wasn't stopping better than walking out into the intersection in front of a moving vehicle???

Maybe it was his way of warning me he might run me over. Because he doesn't know enough to drive on the street & not the sidewalk.

I'm just saying. I don't know.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

As we walked to school that one fine morning, an Orbit bus driver was coming up a side street we had to cross. Just as we reached the intersection, so had the bus.

I paused before crossing & thought "a public servant is behind the wheel & will obey all traffic laws."


That shithead driver slowed down just a bit, letting me think he was stopping. After all, he had the stop sign. And we were pedestrians.

Just as I was going to step off the sidewalk & cross the street, he continued through the intersection!!!



But I didn't. I just told D he was stupid & not a very good driver.

I was unusually calm & composed that day.

I'm now convinced that when the city put the add in the paper for bus drivers, it also said "only idiots need apply."

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  1. Maybe reporting that driver would help to get them off the road. You know, if several people reported the bad driving. There's lot's of people that would love to give that job a try and the vacancy would be filled in in no time. It's a good thing you are sharp and watchful, and are teaching the girls to be to. At least once a week, or maybe 3 times a month, a pedestrian is killed here in Las Vegas. 99% of the time it was them that were crossing mid-block or against the light. Take care.