Wicked Windy Wednesday

Say that 3 times fast!!

Go ahead. I'll wait. Not so easy is it?? But it makes for a fun post title!!

The day didn't start off so windy. Actually, the day started with clear skies. You can tell by this picture of the moon I took about 6:00 this morning. At least that's what time I think it was. Didn't pay much attention to the clock.

It's not all that exciting to look at. It's a moon. In the sky. Pretty simple. Some day I will learn how to take really awesome photos of clouds, sunsets, sunrises & full moons with a point and shoot camera. Some day. Maybe. Or I'll just keep taking dull boring pictures like this here moon pic. Ones were the color isn't quite right. But no one will ever know. Except me. Maybe.

The wind didn't stop D & I from walking to school today. It was a brisk, refreshing walk. At least that's what I keep telling myself. All the way there. And all the way home. My butt will thank me for it some day.

Later, I stepped out my front door to try and get some photos of the trees blowin' in the wind. And believe me, the wind it was a blowin'. I didn't quite capture the movement the way I'd hoped.

Although the tree does look blurry. Like it was blowin' in the wind. But that has more to do with the photographer than wind. When you use the zoom on a point n' shoot, your photos come out much better if you use a tripod. I don't have a tripod. And the wind it was a blowin'. A lot. It was very hard to hold the camera steady. Leaning against the building helped some. But didn't stop my hands from shaking a bit each time I pushed the shutter button. But I'm learnin'.

While I was out my front door, trying hard to catch wind in the trees {isn't that the name of Pocahontas' friend??} this little sparrow was flitting about on the roof above me. I tried getting a photo of that too. Flitty little bugger kept moving. Every time I'd get it in the frame & the camera focused, off it flew. Or hopped. It finally sat long enough for me to snap it's picture. But I was using my zoom. 'Cause God forbid it help me out some & land near by. So it's blurry.

See how that little bugger was lookin' at me?? Saying to himself "I guess I'll give the human a break & stand here for her. Way over here. So when she uses the zoom on her cheep {get it!! Cheep!!!} point & shoot camera it'll be blurry. Because she doesn' t have a tripod. Or have a clue how to take a good picture using her zoom."



  1. You definately need a job if you are thinking the birds are talking to you, or thinking about you, or teasing you, or whatever. GET A JOB!!!!

  2. Even with a job, the birds will still talk to me, or think about me, or tease me. Or whatever. Because when you live in my head, birds talk to you. Mwaahaaaaa!!!