Reality. Or Living With 3 Girls

I remember, years ago, when the girls were toddlers, many people would tell me I was so lucky to have 3 girls. I thought Yeah, I am. They have the most adorable clothes & shoes, and I can 'do up' their hair.

You can't do that with a boy.

And I remember mother's of boys telling me I was lucky because boys are so loud. And always into things. And difficult to potty train. Worst, they were messy & smelly.

Why do parents think that's only boys?? Come to my house any day after school & tell me my sweet little girls are quiet. Yeah, right.

Potty training??? When I first started potty training, D refused to use the potty if I told her to. I would get her up in the morning, tell her she need to go on the potty. Put her in there & nothing. Throughout the day {every 1/2 hr to hr, so there would be no "accidents"} I would put her on the potty. And throughout the day ~ nothing. My stubborn youngest would hold it ALL DAY until I got busy cooking dinner, then the flood gates would open.

Yeah, girls are so much easier to potty train.

And who says girls do not smell???

Believe me you do not want to be in the house when S or D take their shoes off after a day of wearing them.

Gasp. Gag. Choke.

S's feet occasionally stink even though she's wearing flip flops!!!

{Don't tell her I told you. She gets mad about things like that. 'Cause she's 15 ½. And she thinks I'm a dork. Which I am. Sometimes.}

And let's not even get into 'boys are messier than girls'. Have 3 girls share 1 bathroom then tell me who is messier. Take a look. Does this look like girls are neat? And they tell me "this is clean!"

The counter isn't so bad. They did after all "clean up". It's nice they left the broom in there. It's also pretty obvious they haven't used it.

I'm constantly telling them "When you get out of the shower, you're going to your room. Take your clothes with you!!"

Want to hear the excuse??

"I can't hold on my towel and pick up my clothes."
What?? Are you now handicapped???

All the towels on the floor are a mystery.

And will remain a mystery.

They belong to Noone.

Noone has used them.

Noone knows how they got on the floor.

I'm still looking for Noone.

If anyone has seen Noone, will you please tell me.

She has some towels in the girls bathroom that need to be taken care of.....


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