I'm So Bad

Thursday night, S did laundry, R & D watched TV, Sean watched {his monster} TV in the bedroom, & I was messing on the computer. Whatever the girls were watching, donuts were mentioned, and shown. Donuts are a treat around here & we hadn't had any in a long time. And the ones on TV looked so yummy.

So I whispered to R;

"Go tell Daddy you want donuts for breakfast."

She was happy to oblige. She ran into the bedroom & 30 seconds later comes out;

"Daddy said 'No'."

Bummer. That didn't work. But I persist.

About 30 minutes later, S comes up from the laundry room & I whisper to her;

"Go tell Daddy you want donuts for breakfast."

She happily obliged.

30 seconds later she comes out of the bedroom;

"Dad said 'No'."


But I refuse to give up.

Last night R & I were watching 'Castle' on the computer & D was in the bedroom watching {the monster} TV with Sean. I didn't get to her on Thursday night to beg for donuts. This was my last chance.

She came out to the kitchen for a cup of water & I told her to tell Daddy she wants donuts for breakfast. But being the youngest & not always catching onto the game, I had to tell her "DO NOT say I told you to ask for donuts!"

30 seconds later she comes into the living room & says;

"Daddy says donuts kinda sound good."

I'm breaking him!! He, he, he.

He then comes out of the bedroom about 20 minutes later saying, "Now I want a donut!"

Ah!! I've broken him!! Maybe they'll be donuts for breakfast.

Guess what was on the kitchen table this morning???!!!

Now, this isn't the actual box of donuts we had. R & D had already grabbed a donut from it, so it wouldn't make a pretty picture. {Thank you Google!!}

Plus, I couldn't very well take a picture of it without Sean asking why.

Then I'd have to tell him I was Blogging about it.

Then he'd ask why the heck I'd do that.

Then I'd have to tell him this story. And he'd know I masterminded the whole thing.

Just so I could get a donut.

Good thing he's never on the computer.

And won't be reading this......


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