Dinner & a Movie

Well, not quite. But I'm not very good at coming up with titles & today's ramblings do have to do with dinner & a TV.

We love baked pasta & I usually make it a couple times a month. It was "that time of the month" again {no, not that time of the month, baked pasta time!! Come on folks.} & I wanted to do something other than cook up a huge dish of it. So, as I was sitting around yesterday, {remember, I'm unemployed right now} I glanced over at the china cabinet & remembered these ~

I love these little colorful flower bowls. They can be found in thrift stores for pennies.

I love thrift store finds.

For pennies.

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to make the girls individual pasta bowls and use our pretty colorful flower bowls. So I set to work in my little, not at all gourmet kitchen {my kitchen sounds like me!! LOL} to whip up a batch of pasta bowls. I toiled & toiled for hours & hours to make the perfect dinner for my family.

Okay. Not really. Baked pasta takes next to no time to make. And is not at all difficult. After the bowls were done, the garlic bread toasty {now if I was a gourmet cook, the garlic bread would've been made from scratch. Thank you Pepperidge Farms!} I couldn't just set a bowl on the table. That's not very Martha like. Not that I want to be like Martha. Remember, I'm not gourmet. But the bowls just look so sad & lonely, alone on the table. With no one. And nobody. So I did this ~

This is my idea of serving dinner a la Martha. They really needed to be on smaller plates, but I didn't have any that were plain white. And I wanted to "show off" the wonderful colors of the bowls. {Said in my proper Martha voice.}

Enough with the Martha already. Okay?

Now on to the TV section of the post...

As I was in the {non-gourmet} kitchen whipping up my spectacular dinner, I hear Darien saying the TV in the living room is smaller than the one in our bedroom. I wondered what in tarnation she's talking about, since the TV in the bedroom is a 20" TV & the one in the living room is a 27". Clearly making the living room TV the bigger one. So I popped the bowls under the broiler & went to see what was going on. I see Sean measuring the living room TV then walk back to the bedroom. I thought for a minute he lost it. Can he not see that our bedroom TV is most definitely SMALLER than the living room TV??? Did he really need to measure them??? Was he loosing his mind??? I walked into the bedroom to see what was going on & yes, he lost his mind!! Here's why ~

I now get to wake up every morning, sit up in bed & see this monster. Now, don't get me wrong. I have no problem with a TV in our room. Many nights the girls & I want to watch one thing & Sean wants to watch another. This solves that issue. But unless you have a big bedroom & an armoire to put it in {the TV not the room!!}, a large TV just doesn't work for me.

We've had a TV in our bedroom since the girls were little. Starting out with a 12", then someone gave us a 14", then we got another TV from someone {Jane, I think} & the 20" from the livingroom went in the bedroom. Now, because Sean has a friend who just happened to have an extra TV, we now have a 27" TV in our room. And the worst of it is, because it's so big & NOT a flat screen, my dresser now sticks out from the wall 6"!!!

I hate it when my furniture sticks out from the wall.

I hate big TVs in my bedroom.

So if any of you have a huge TV you were thinking of getting rid of DO NOT ASK SEAN IF HE WANTS IT!! 'Cause he will take it. And put it in our room. And make my dresser stick out 20".

I hate it when my dresser sticks out from the wall.....

By the way, the pasta was delicious.

And I know you're looking in the reflection of the TV to see how messy my bed is! I would be too. But stop it. My bed is messy.....


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