The little red mystery button

Remember when I got my "new" police cab over a year ago and wrote about the mysterious red button? The one I couldn't figure out?

Well, more than a year later, and after I get rid of it, I now know what it was for!

When I got my Mountaineer, our installer at work asked what I was doing with the police cab. I told him nothing and if he wanted it, I'd be willing to do a trade. If he would put new front break pads and roters on my new car, I'd give him the Crown Vic.

He jumped on that deal in a heart beat!

Last Saturday, he put the new breaks on and I signed the police cab over to him. Yesterday, he told me what the little red button did.

He said when you had the keys in the ignition and the car running, you could push that button and take the keys out.

And the car will stay running!

I had no idea! I thought maybe it turned on the roof lights. Or the siren.

I was way off on that!


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