So rad. So bad.

Tuesday after work I get a text from S.

S: Want an adventure? Take your camera to the library parking lot...It's awesome. You'll know what I mean when you see it (:

Me: Are you there? I just put a griller on the grill....

S: No I'm not. just go!!

Me: How will I know it's what's really awesome? Will it be there after dinner?

S: I don't know!! Take your griller with you. Or send Riley.

Me: Why send R?

S: Because someone has to go take a picture of it!!

Me: Okay!!

S: YES!! Take pictures with your phone so I can instagram dat shiz! Please

D and I walk to the library parking lot....

Me: I'm guessing you want pics of this awesomely painted van??

S: Yeah duhhh!!....So rad. So bad. So sick! Groovy man. Fuckin groovy


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