And he's STILL here

Some of you may have read on my Facebook page about our "VP of Sales" and how he sends out emails to clients that look like a third grader wrote it. (If you can't see my FB, you can view the email here. With added commentary.)

Anyway, last week I asked my boss what's going on with that client because their file has been sitting in the "VP of Sales" 'Invoices That Need Attention' box for over a week. He wasn't sure why it was still there, and asked me to remind him to ask the "VP" about it when he comes in.

So, when he gets into the office, I ask the "VP" why the file is still there, and he tells us he's left voice messages as well as sent a follow-up email to the disaster he sent on the 22nd, and has gotten no response. Both my boss and I reminded him that all correspondences via email he needs to CC me on. (He thinks this is so I know what he's told the client should they call into the office.  Which is in part true. The real reason is so that we know if he indeed did send the emails he claims to send.)

Anyway, Mr. "VP of Sales" has an excuse for everything. And I mean everything. It's sad really. The excuse this time for not CC me on the follow-up email was he "forgot".

That excuse is getting old....

Fast forward to a few days later when Mr. "VP" is back in the office. He asked what we should do about this file and client since we have not heard from them in so long. Later in the day, I relayed this to the boss and he asked if I would send an email to be sure they are indeed getting the "VP's" emails. I pulled the invoice to get their email address, sent them one that was written intelligently, and clearly stated our issues, then sent it off.  After I sent it, I got to thinking that maybe the "VP of Sales" had the email address wrong. I went back to check the one he copied me on and he did get it wrong.

But you'll never believe what he got wrong.

The boss had written on the invoice 'ourvaluedcustomer@gmail' in the box for client info. I checked the copied email DipShit sent, thinking maybe he spelled the name wrong. But noooo...

He sent the email to 'ourvaluedcustomer@gmail'!! 

I don't know why I so surprised he's that damn clueless....


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