Snow ordinary road trip

This past Saturday, my sister Janice and I, along with two of the girls (S & D), took a road trip up North. I had found a trail that sounded cool on an inline website, so we packed up the girls, J's dog Zita, some water bottles, snacks and headed up to Vernon, Arizona.

It's about a 4 hour drive, but it took us a little longer to find the trail. The directions on the site lead us about 18 miles PAST the road we needed to take to the trail head.

Thank goodness for modern technology, smart phones and GPS! After driving for a few minutes, and not seeing any roads that were off the highway, I figured out we needed to head back the way we came.

But it wasn't a total waste. We did see some interesting scenery.

We drove up to the trail head, but couldn't go all the way to it. The road was closed, and if we had 4 wheel drive, we could have continued up to the trail. The road was muddy and slushy, and J's little car just wasn't going to make that trip.

I got my D70 repaired just in time for the trip.  s got a hold of it and took about 98% of the pictures!

I'm going to do my usual and not bore you with a whole bunch of blabbering about every photo we took, but feature a few for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Heading out of Phoenix.

A closed (and for rent!) funky cafe in Superior.

Closed and abandoned buildings were a common sight.

The Mountain Breeze Memorial Gardens in Miami. We decided to stop and check out.

I love this shot! (Her idea, I shot it.)

More empty buildings in Globe.

The photographer.

Another of my favorites.

My silly ghouls.

A little trickle of water coming off the mountain.

18 miles past our turn off and it was field after field of "fuzzy" grass (J's description).

We see snow!!

We found snow! But our trip up the mountain ends here.

(Yes. It was warm enough for her to wear just a tank. It was in the low 50's.)

YEAH! A find!!

Despite her Aunt's protest of putting "that thing" in her trunk, S just had to take it home.

Since we couldn't hike the trail like we planned, we headed back down the mountain and stopped at some more abandoned buildings for pictures. (I learned on this trip that S loves exploring, and photographing abandoned buildings just as much as I do!)

There's no fueling up in Globe anymore!

Just behind the service station, an old time jail. It looked like maybe it was for tourists to stop and take pictures. So we did!!

We discovered an abandoned camp site in Globe that we spent about 2 hours exploring. This looked like the check-in cabin.

They had picnic tables under ramadas down by a lake and areas to hook up RVs for the night.

Family and single cabins. They were stripped of everything but the studs and floors.

The black lake. Yes, it really was black. It was gross. You couldn't even see an inch below the surface!

 You can tell by the rocks in the background, the water was down at least a good 8 feet.

Back in Superior and about an hour from getting home....

To see all the pictures of our trip, click here.


  1. Loved taking that trip with you! Great photos, as usual!

    1. Thanks! We plan on taking more trips up north this summer when we can actually hike the trails!

  2. Looks like a cool trip. Maybe one day we can go, too!