Old Faithful

On the drive back from Vernon, AZ.

S: When Trace & I were driving from.....(I forget where it was they were driving from) we saw a UFO and, what are they called? One of those things that sprays water up?

Me: A broken sprinkler?

S: No. Like that thing where the water shoots up into the sky.

Me: You mean Old Faithful?

S: Yeah! That!

J: That's right. You guys saw Old Faithful!

S: No. I know that's not in Arizona.

Me: Then where is it?

S: I don't know. But I know it's not in Arizona.

D: (In the background) It's in Yellow Stone Park. In Wyoming, I think.

J: It's in New Jersey.

Me: It's on Long Island.

S: Mom, did you just say it's on the internet?

Me: No. I said it's on Long Island.

S: I like "it's on the internet". I'm just going to pretend that's what you said.


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