What a Day

My awesome Wednesday began with me waking up at 2:00 AM, trying to go back to sleep, realizing that ain't gonna happen and getting up at 3:00, hopping on the computer and figuring out my finances (that should've put me in a coma, or deep depression), "planning" a last minute surprise party for my youngest and sending out evites, getting ready for work, getting to the office and printing out a shitload of stars, doing a little work for 8 hours, head on home, stop at the Wal-Marts for last minute cake making supplies, work another 5½ hours on cutting out said shitload of stars (thanks for  helping, R), sticking stars on walls all over the house and hanging more from the ceiling (again, thanks, R for the help) making a 3 layer cake from scratch (okay, 2 layers were from scratch, one was from a box) including the butter cream frosting, decorating the 3 layer cake, then heading off to bed at 10:30 pm only to find hubby has been sleeping on my pillow.

That he drooled all over!!  



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