While watching TV the other night, R was snacking on the last crumbs at the bottom of a bag of Tostitos tortilla chips. When she was finished, she was reading the package.

A side note; some may think this is odd, R reading the bag of chips, but I spent my childhood reading everything. I would read the cereal boxes. Every last word on them. And shampoo bottles. You name it, I read it. So I thought it was funny to see R was reading an empty chip bag.

Anyway, she said that if you scanned the UPC label, you would find out their secret or something to that effect.

So I downloaded a scanner app onto my iPhone and scanned it to find out what we were missing.

It didn't find the product.  Turns out, it only scans non-food items costing more than $10.

So to see if this scanner really worked, I looked around for something with a UPC label on it.  The closest available item, that didn't require me to get up from my massage chair, was a Boggle game.

So I scanned it.

Turns out, we are the proud owners of a Classic 1999 Boggle game worth as much as $91.99! (Of course that's for a NEW Boggle game, but still....)

Now, seriously, who would spend $92 for a Boggle game?? Sure it's fun to play.

But $92??

You'd have to be out of your gourd to pay that!

Bonus - how many words can you find in 3 minutes from the letters above???


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