Yes, I do exist

I know. I've been a  horrible Blogger.


I just haven't had the desire to sit at the computer and ramble on about "everything and nothing at all".

(Name the song that line's from)

But I'm doing it now.

Sitting at the computer that is.

I'm not so sure how much rambling I'll do.

Next Thursday S graduates. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Like many Moms, I want her to go out in the world and be someone. To be a productive member of society.

But sometimes I worry she's not quite ready. (Although, if you ask her, she's more than ready.)

Then I have those days I can't wait for her to move out. Like the days she leaves a trail of crap all over the house. Or when she can't get it together in the morning to leave on time, making us all late. Or when she gets a bug up her ass, and just looking at her gets her panties all in a wad.

And as much as I want her to get her own place, I know I'll miss her when she's moved out.
I'll miss her dancing into the room instead of walking in. Or when she makes up songs from a sentence someone just said. I'll miss it when she gets in that rare mood and wants to sit next to me with her head on my shoulder watching Real Housewives of New Jersey. Or giving her sisters impromptu dance lessons.

I've never loved someone so much, who drives me so crazy!

Except maybe her dad.

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