If you follow me on Facebook, then you know we recently had to put our dog Cannon down.  We had him for 11 years, longer than any other dog we've ever had. And we will miss him.

It's not every dog that will put up with three girls who would dress him up, paint his toe nails, lay on him like a pillow, put makeup on him, color on him with washable marker, and make the cats dance on his back.

But Cannon did. As long as they let him sleep on their bed, and gave him treats and table scraps.

You can read about our time with him here.

Unfortunately, I don't have many photos of him when we first got him (they're on a hard drive that lost power) so the video below is mostly of his last time with us.

It's long (nearly 7 minutes), so sit back and remember Cannon with us.

(BTW ~ making a memorial video for a loved pet {Or anyone for that matter!} while PMS-ing is even more emotional! My keyboard got a little wet.)

songs are Black Bird by Augustine and Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap


  1. awww Cannon was such a good dog. Great memories :) good job with the video.......

  2. Such a sweet dog. I'm sorry for your loss. Our oldest dog is almost 6 right now, so hopefully we still have several years left. I've never had to put an animal down in my adult life and I don't know how I'll be able to handle it.