Why I don't Blog everyday

My life is pretty boring.  Same ol' routine day in and day out.

To give you an idea of just how boring, here is what my day was like yesterday:

4:45am: get up, shower, dress, blow-dry my hair, grab a bagel, read my emails.

6:00am (or there abouts): wake the girls if they're not already up.  Straighten my hair.

6:30am: read my emails, check Facebook, browse my Flickr stream, and basically play on the computer until it's time to almost go.

7:10am: make a lunch.

7:20-7:35am: leave to take the older 2 to school and get myself to work.

8:00am: work, work, work and more work.

12:-2:00 (depending on how busy I am): take a lunch break. Read the latest news on Yahoo.

4:00pm: head home.

4:10pm: cuss at a few dipshit drivers on the freeway

4:20pm: At home.  Check in with D, ask how her day was and help me decide dinner.

5:00pm or so: make dinner

5:30pm: do dishes with D, sit and watch some TV

7:30pm: get R from practice/game

9:00pm or so: get S from practice/game

9:27pm: go to bed

Then start all over again the next day.

Exciting, huh?

Don't let it throw you for a loop!

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  1. I hear ya -- I don't know how I get out the Picture of the Day -- every day.... for the past 5 years.... Some days I am in a panic b/c I have NOTHING. I feel like my life is the same... get up take the train to the city go to the gym go to work take train home... blah blah blah