Sneezy, Dopey, and Doc

I don't know what it is; the weather, dust in the air, flowers blooming, something.  But the past 4 days my allergies have been acting up.

I haven't been sneezing so much as I've had an itchy, runny nose that's bugging me.

Like right now.

I want a little elf to crawl into my nostril and scratch all my itches. Sounds gross, I know.  But I'm telling you, my nose itches so bad it's driving me up the wall.

Which brings me to something that really bugs me.

Whenever I start sneezing, especially a lot, people always ask if I'm getting a cold.

In all of my 43 33 years in existence, I have never sneezed when I've had a cold.  I get a runny nose, or a stuffy one, I sound like I'm coughing up a lung.  

But I don't sneeze.

I do, however, sneeze when my allergies hit me.

So, who started everyone thinking that sneezing means that person is getting a cold?  I'm pretty sure it wasn't someone who suffers from allergies.

Or a doctor.

It just irritates me when I hear "Bless you.  Sounds like you need some tea, chicken soup and rest."

No, dipshit.  I need a good dose of Claritin!

And for you to stop moving away like I've got the plague.  Or the flu....


  1. LOL -- I always think "dipshit" too when people say stupid sh*t. and i prefer dickwad for stupid drivers....