The game show where the questions are always the same and I'm the only contestant

Some days I get to be the unwilling contestant on a game show that can take place in the car, the living room or kitchen.   It always begins with the Host (one of the kids) asking the contestant (me) a series of questions that have been asked by children for generations.

And for generations we contestants (moms) have never had the right answers.

Here's how the game is usually played in our house ~

Kid: Mom!  Ya know what's so cool?
Me: Ice, snow, freezers, slushies....
Kid: Haha.  No.

Kid: Hey Mom! Know what's really funny?
Me: Comedians, sitcoms, clowns, knock knock jokes....
Kid: Haha.  No.

Kid: Hey Mom!  Ya know what I did today?
Me: Built a rocket ship?  Learned quantum physics?  Stubbed your toe...
Kid: Haha.  No.  And not funny.

This is where they get really mad at me and my "stupid answers".  Answers that are never right in a game I will never win.

Sometimes they like to shake things up with a tough Bonus Question.  They're usually questions kinda like this ~

Kid: Mom, my side hurts right here.  Why?
Me: Ummm....Maybe you bumped it?
Kid: No.
Me: ran too much at practice?
Kid: No.  That's not it.
Me: Do I get a Shout Out on this question?  I'd like to call Grandma.

Mom's a nurse, so she has all the medical answers.  Answers the Host usually doesn't like, so she says they're wrong.

And I loose the bonus round.


I was really looking forward to that Hawaiian vacation and $10,000 in spending money.

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  1. I would happy to be your phone a friend as well as grandma. My expertise is more along the lines of sports, wine, animals, inspiration, FUN and so forth.