Well, that sucked

So.  Yesterday, Sean & I were planning on having just a small family BBQ (him, me & the girls.  Or is it 'he, I & the girls'?) then heading out to watch the nearby fireworks.  Just about 3 miles down the road is a beach park where they have a huge show every year.   

Just to give you an idea how close the show is to our house, I drew up a rough map.

Pretty close.  Close enough were we should get a good view of it from our backyard or roof.  And since Sean got home too late to drive anywhere near it, we were staying put.

He fired up the grill about 7:00, we ate some grub, then hung around waiting for the show.  I was excited to take photographs with my new camera.  I read about a bunch of tricks to get some good shots of fireworks and was dieing to try them out.  

So, I set up my camera in the backyard,  (turns out, without a ladder, climbing on the roof with a camera and tripod is not a good idea) sat and waited.  They usually start the fireworks about 9-9:30.  I only had 20 minutes to wait.

Suddenly I heard them starting but they were more to the west.  (Think more towards the left of the fireworks on my map)  That was not where the fireworks were supposed to be.  It was the next town over.  I could see them, but they were too far away to photograph and there were trees in the way. So I waited.

I sat out until 10:15 and never saw a damn thing!!  This morning I read the fireworks started about 9, but I never saw or heard them.  And you'd think as close as we are to the park, we'd be able to hear and see them really well!

So, my 4th was kind of a bust.  Although R, D & I did have a good time driving up to Tortilla Flat with Shannon & Russ for lunch (Thanks guys!) I never got to try my hand at taking photos of fireworks.

 And that really sucked.


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